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Our Exhibit space is divided into 9 main areas. Several Touch-Screen displays add additional audiovisual background to enhance your visit. Here is a quick list of our highlights. Come and visit to see more.

  Radioteletype Demonstation

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Lobby: What Happened in this Building? Introduction to the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center—Mural shows WCC Station in 1948.


View videos: (1) The Untold Story (narrated by Walter Cronkite); (2) The Battle of the Atlantic; & (3) The Titanic, Matt Tierney, and Marconi's "Marvelous Invention. Shown at frequent intervals. Ask at the front desk for schedule.

Morse Code Interactive

Practice Morse code at this History of Communications Interactive Kiosk. Encourage students and children to ask front desk for game sheets to earn a Junior Guide for Chatham Radio WCC Certificate.

Radio Operators

The WCC Operators were wireless "Brass Pounders" and landline operators were the "Wiremen”. Visitors experience how Ship to Shore Morse code messages were sent anywhere, from wireless to wire and back, by WCC between ships and landline telegraph offices.

Navy Years - WWII

Learn the exciting role of the Chatham Station during WWII Navy Years—Battle of the Atlantic—Breaking the Code—U-Boat Threat—Guardhouse—and who served here. Don’t miss the Battle of the Atlantic video in the Theater.

Amateur Radio - WA1WCC

The CMMC Amateur Radio Association operates from this room. Listen to amateur operators from many parts of the world.

Marconi's Wireless - Hero of the Titanic Disaster

Learn about Titanic's wireless technology, its operators, the messages transmitted during sinking and the disaster's impact.

Guglielmo Marconi


Marconi, a pioneer in wireless communication, was an inventor, scientist and businessman. Learn about his role in creating the Chatham receiving station 1914.

History of the Station -- Chatham Radio WCC

Visit the two dioramas, Chatham Port Receiving Station and the South Chatham Transmitting Station—Tone Rack—Chatham Radio Timeline—Directional Antenna—Kleinschmidt—Vacuum Tube Display.