We are proud to sponsor the Ed Fouhy Distinguished Speaker Series in order to engage the community in exploring significant and thought-provoking topics.  


As a communications professional, Edward M. Fouhy brought the world and its stories to the American public.  For the Center's Marconi’s Marconi-RCA Wireless Museum, Ed wrote and produced two videos explaining the importance of wireless radio communications to the rescue of RMS Titanic survivors and the outcome of the Battle of the Atlantic during WWII.  The Ed Fouhy Distinguished Speaker Series is a limited schedule of special presentations designed to promote knowledge and understanding of history and world events, with a special focus on the science and development of communications technology and its profound effect on our lives. 


On October 15, 2015, the Ed Fouhy Distinguished Speaker Series was introduced by Mr. Morton Dean, distinguished journalist and broadcaster formerly of CBS and ABC News.  In keeping with our museum’s exhibit theme that year, and with Ed’s fine work documenting Chatham Radio’s role in WWII, our inaugural speaker was Professor Thomas Perera, PhD, who presented "Clandestine Radio Operations In World War II".