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Front View of the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center

How To Give To Chatham Marconi

At Chatham Marconi we celebrate the rich history of 20th Century maritime radio and explore the innovative advances in science and technology that continue to transform our lives.  Since 2002, our mission has been executed through operation of the Marconi-RCA Wireless Museum and the advancement of youth STEM Education in communications science. 


Memberships, museum admissions and STEM education class fees comprise only about half of the funding needed to sustain and grow the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center.  But your gift is what funds current and future operations, enabling us to provide exciting exhibits, education programs (both our in-house Summer Science classes and extended offerings during the school year) and special events related to our core interests: the history and future of wireless communications.  Through generous past gifts such as yours, the Marconi-RCA Wireless Museum and Education Center have flourished and have become well established within our regional communities.

We would gladly offer suggestions and guidance about creative ways to support Chatham Marconi!  Most importantly, we’d be happy to discuss whatever suits your philanthropic interests.  Don’t hesitate to request further information — Email John Durney at


Chatham Marconi Maritime Center is a 501(c)(3) organization and all gifts are tax deductible as provided by IRS regulations.

Our Federal EIN is 37-1445768.

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Check or Credit/Debit Card

Gifts via checks or credit/debit cards are the most valuable form of support, making cash immediately available. They offer the flexibility to meet our most pressing needs. These gifts can be made online, or by mail and may issue out of a private foundation.

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Stock and Securities

GIfts of stock, securities and mutual funds can benefit both you and Chatham Marconi. These gifts can help you diversify your assets and minimize capital gains taxes. Contrary to popular belief, gifts of closely held stock can create the same tax benefits as shares that are publicly traded. We make the transfer of securities as smooth as possible.

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Matching Gifts

Many companies offer employees and their spouses - and even retirees - a matching gift benefit that could double or even triple your gift. When making a gift to Chatham Marconi, please consider taking advantage of your (or your spouse's) corporate match. Contact your company's human resources office or check their website to find out what your options are.

Planned Giving

We can help you develop a gift plan that will achieve your charitable objectives as well as fulfill your financial goals. Planned gifts help you maximize your giving potential and make the most of your charitable dollars. Additionally, planned giving can offer you financial benefits including tax savings and increased income.  As always, we would encourage any Friend of Chatham Marconi who is considering a Planned Gift, to consult with her/his financial and/or tax professional.

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    IRA Contributions

If you are aged 70½ or older and have a regular IRA, consider making a gift from it. You may transfer to one or more charities, cumulatively, up to $100,000 per year, adjusted annually for inflation beginning in 2024.  Such a transfer, known as a qualified charitable distribution (QCD), has two major benefits. The amount transferred will not be included in your taxable income and will count toward your required minimum distribution, which begins upon your attaining the age of 73 in 2023 and 75 by 2033. The transfer is accomplished by advising your IRA administrator to transfer the amounts you specify directly to the charities you designate

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Donor Advised Funds

If you have established a donor-advised fund (DAF), consider including Chatham Marconi on your list of recommended charity grantees. You may contribute amounts to the DAF when it makes sense from a tax standpoint and in other years use grants from the DAF to support favored charities. Although you don’t receive an additional deduction upon recommending a grant to us to support our mission (since the deduction was allowed when you made the gift for the DAF), we do fully recognize you as a contributor and respect your wishes as to the purpose of your gift.

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A Bequest is a gift made through a will or a living trust.It’s the most popular planned gift, the easiest to make, and costs nothing during a donor’s lifetime.A Bequest can be included in a new will, or added to an existing will or living trust through a simple amendment called a codicil —often without the expense of hiring a lawyer.A Bequest is usually a set dollar amount or percentage of an estate that goes to a not-for-profit after the donor’s death.Several Friends of Chatham Marconi have included CM in their estate plans.

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