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Chatham Marconi Maritime Center, Chatham Massachusetts

A maritime communication history and STEM education center, Chatham Marconi includes the Marconi/RCA-Wireless Museum featuring interactive exhibits, an Education Center offering workshops for children and families, and an antenna trail perfect for a nature walk. The Center was founded in 2002 and is located on an historic 14-acre campus on Cape Cod in Chatham, MA.

Marconi/RCA Wireless Museum

Explore wireless communication technology and its Chatham history in the Marconi/RCA-Wireless Museum, starting with Guglielmo Marconi’s 1914 construction of this site. Dubbed “The World’s Greatest Coastal Station,” the museum building was once home to the largest ship-to-shore radiotelegraph station in the United States. Established in 1921 by the Radio Corporation of America it was known to mariners worldwide as Chatham Radio, WCC. Now you can learn Morse Code in the building where WWII Navy personnel once monitored messages from German U-boats prowling the Atlantic.

Before you leave, take a walk up the Antenna Field Walking Trail, a short trail to the top of the hill behind the station. On the way you’ll learn about some of the antennas used during the life of the station and see the base of the 350-foot antenna mast installed with five others when the station was built. 

Marconi/RCA Wireless Museum Antenna Trail
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