Summer STEM 

We have completed a successful Summer STEM season. Thanks to the efforts of Kelly Terrenzi, our STEM Director, and STEM educators, Larry Brookhart and Sue Linnell, we offered nine classes over six weeks. Several of them were oversubscribed.

The classes were enthusiastically received.

In the words of Maggie, age 6:

“I liked the snack outside.

I liked building my scribble bot. It wasn’t very hard. I didn’t make all of it. The teacher helped, and one time my clothespin fell off so it’s glued on better now.

I liked my teachers they were nice.

I learned how binary works, It just uses zero and one. So to say 2 in binary it’s a one and a zero.

I really want to go again next year.”


Here’s our Crazy about Cars class

We are planning to build on these successes for our course offerings in summer 2023, adding classes on popular topics such as coding and gaming. Our summer 2023 schedule will be posted on-line before the end of the year.


Charles Bartlett

Education Director