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The Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on Military Personnel

Thursday May 2nd @ 7PM
In Person at Chatham Marconi or via Zoom

Donald C. Arthur, Surgeon General, United States Navy

Donald C. Arthur, M.D., J.D., served a 33-year career in the U.S. Navy which culminated in appointment as Vice Admiral and 35th Surgeon General of the Navy. Dr. Arthur is a board-certified preventive medicine physician, also residency trained and board certified in emergency medicine. During his military career, he was a Navy saturation diver, jumpmaster parachutist, and flight surgeon. He is a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Massachusetts School of Law, where he is now an adjunct professor. He is licensed in Massachusetts to practice both medicine and law.

Vice Admiral Donald C. Arthur, M.D., J.D.

Sea Captains of Cape Cod

Thursday June 6th @ 7PM
In Person at Chatham Marconi or via Zoom

Dr. Michael Pregot

Cape Cod has long been a focal point for our country’s maritime activities from the very beginning of the pre-colonial period, through our wars with England, into the great age of sail, right into Twentieth Century travel, and beyond to exciting present-day regattas. Many sea captains have distinguished themselves by opening new harbors for trade, in winning heroic sea battles, and demonstrating entrepreneurial genius with their nautical skills and tactics. We will learn the names of these bold seamen and have an occasion to see and appreciate what these sailors have accomplished for themselves, for their local towns, and for the benefit of a developing young nation.

Dr. Michael Pregot

About Our Speaker:

Dr. Pregot has spent over a half of a century in the field of education. He has served as a Modern Language teacher, a high school principal, a district-wide school superintendent, a professor of education and a University Director of an Educational Leadership Department. He has published several articles and a textbook on the dispositions needed to be an efficient school leader. He has lived on the Cape for several years with his wife, Judith. He is still an on-line professor and author. The maritime history of the Cape has caught his attention for the past few years. He is currently studying the complexity of slave trading and abolitionism in the Bay State.

The Golden Age of Ocean Liners:  A Short History of 100 Years of Transatlantic Travel

Thursday June 27th @ 7PM
In Person at Chatham Marconi or via Zoom

Cunard Line Poster

Join us for a trip through the history of these magnificent ships from 1897 to the present (actually, 127 years of transatlantic travel!).  We’ll explore the evolution of their design, architecture and impact on the travelling public.  We’ll also see how world events shaped their development and vice versa.  Relive the era when ocean liners were the “only way to cross”.

About Our Speaker:

Brian Dudley has been interested in ocean liners since he was 4 years old and was captivated by seeing a picture of the RMS Titanic sinking.  He was fortunate enough to sail on the SS France with his parents in 1968 and as an adult has made several transatlantic crossings on the Queen Elizabeth 2 and the Queen Mary 2.  Research on the history, design, and life on board as well as collecting ocean liner memorabilia has been a constant and enjoyable pursuit.

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