Chatham Marconi Volunteer Speaking With Visitors

Chatham Marconi Maritime Center(CMMC) occupies the largest two of ten historic structures built for Guglielmo Marconi in 1914. These buildings are the Education Center and administrative offices within the  renovated "Hotel Nautilus" Residence Building, and the Marconi/RCA Wireless Museum in the former Receiving Station Operating Building. 2021 will be our tenth season of operation, and we now have activities extending all year long.

In addition to assisting and guiding summer-season visitors to the Museum, opportunities for volunteers include improving and developing exhibits, restoring equipment and artifacts for display, researching our 100-year history, communicating via print and social media, arranging special events and group tours, and many other facets of the Center's operations.


With grant funding and donations, CMMC's Education Center creates and delivers Communications Science curricula for the Monomoy Regional School district and other area secondary schools. We offer Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) courses after school hours and in the evenings during the school year, and we conduct Summer Science programs weekly during July and August.

Some of our volunteers are active in several endeavors. If CMMC sounds interesting to you, please consider becoming a Museum Host or volunteering for other activities. We welcome your interest and would be happy to have you involved at any time of the year.

For more information or to reserve your place in an Orientation Session, please e-mail volunteer@chathammarconi.org , or call 508-945-8889.

at Chatham Marconi

Volunteer Coordination:

Finds and welcomes volunteers, helping them to become familiar with the organization and its goals. Introduces them to committee moderators who can explain the roles that need to be filled. Works with the Operations Manager to fill Host, Docent and Cashier slots during the active season.


Conducts educational activities so that Hosts and Docents have the latest information about the exhibits and will be able to add a personal touch to the visitor experience. Maintains the schedule for coverage in both the Marconi-RCA Wireless museum and the expanded Wireless in the Future Exhibits in the Education Center.

Public Relations:

Creates news releases, television exposure, printed matter, and web presence so that potential visitors know who we are and what they can expect by visiting. Also involved with public speaking opportunities, but not required.


Watches over the very important day to day aspects of the facilities. Maintains supplies, keeps the buildings clean and welcoming, assures stock of visitor information. Provides equipment necessary for day to day business operations. Coordinates work teams for paint touch-up, minor maintenance and appearance enhancements.


Plans and executes new and exciting exhibits to keep the visitor experience fresh on subsequent visits. Visits other museums and participates in seminars to incorporate the latest ideas into the exhibits. Schedules guest speakers for programs offered to the community during Summer evenings.

Grounds & Plantings:

Keeps exterior grounds attractive and presentable. Watches over the lawns and trees and coordinates necessary activity with the Town of Chatham (owner of the buildings and grounds). Plants annuals and cares for potted plants that make the buildings attractive to the visitors.


Work as part of a team that identifies equipment and miscellaneous items that were part of the station and safely stores them. Documentation can be used by Exhibit builders or Historians who are researching the station.

Computers & IT:

Most of the exhibits are run with or on computers and they continually need loving care. Improving the automation and presentations keeps the exhibits and experience fresh. Maintaining and improving the installed software to improve efficiency for the staff that spends a good part of the day interfacing with these modern beasts is always welcome.

Kitchen & Hospitality:

Oversight of the kitchen cleanliness and its accoutrements so that it is ready for use at any time. Also, the group supervises and plans recognition events, fundraising events and collaborates with the development group to entertain potential donors and supporting contributors.

Youth Programs:

Special programs conducted for young people doing experiments and satisfying their curiosity about the various aspects of Wireless Communication. The group designs or seeks out devices and kits to be used as part of the program Programs are conducted on weekends, during the Summer, or after school.

Office Support:

Help can always be used with Thank You note writing, filing, making brochures like this one, making posters and handouts. There is no end to the list of projects to be completed and a few hours each month goes a long way to making the organization run smoothly.