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MFJ-557 Deluxe Morse Code Practice Oscillators feature an integrated straight key on a non-skid heavy steel base; it stays put and doesn't move around while you're practicing!

These oscillators let you practice sending code at home, at work, in camp, or practically anywhere, because they're easy to take wherever you may go. Internal speaker volume adjusts from barely audible to blaring sound. A tone control gives you a wide adjustment from high-pitched tones to low-frequency tones. You even get an earphone jack for totally private practice. If needed, you may plug in an external speaker for loud classroom audio.

The MFJ-557s run on a single 9 volt battery (not included) or optional AC power. They also have adjustable keying contacts for personalized comfort. When you're finished developing proficiency with the MFJ-557, connect the straight key to your transmitter or transceiver and go on-the-air!

MFJ 557 Deluxe Morse Code Practice Oscillator (43330)

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